City of Clouds and Traffic

Welcome to my (Ambria’s) blog post about life in London! As most of you may know I moved to London to supply (substitute) teach for part of the school year with two friends, Kim Hassard and Kelsey Pragnell.  This blog will recount some of our adventures, struggles, joys, lessons learned and everything in between and beyond during our time in London, England! Hope you enjoy!

So far we have been in London for 3 full days. I must say, I have never been so stressed in my life! Here’s the situation: We need – a new sim card and plan for our phones, a bank account, and a place to live. Now I realize I listed only three things BUT they are 3 of the biggest things I have ever had to do. Preferably we would like to have a place to live in by Monday or Tuesday (fingers crossed). So far we have our phones checked off that list, we have a meeting for our bank accounts next week, as well as a potential place to live. Things are looking positive for now!

Currently we are staying at a Bed and Breakfast. It is really quite lovely for the time being. The owner is a jolly man who was kind enough to upgrade us (for no charge!) to a bigger room after seeing ALL our luggage. I am currently residing on my bunk bed in our sweet little room while Kim and Kelsey are out enjoying some of the nightlife of London.

Now to a quick language lesson brought to you by the wonderful people of the UK. Growing up I only ever knew one meaning for the word pants. To me it was the clothing we use to cover our legs and underwear. HOWEVER…I have now learned that you do not call them pants here you call them trousers and pants are the term used to refer to a person’s underwear! Good thing I learned that before telling someone they were wearing an awesome pair of pants.

Anyways, it is currently 11:40 pm here and I value my sleep very much so will post again soon! Thank you for reading!

P.S. If you are wondering about my title – this city has so far been covered in clouds and alive with traffic.

2 thoughts on “City of Clouds and Traffic

  1. Okay, wonderful Ambria! I am already loving the account. You have quite the writer’s voice. It’s funny about the pants. This morning, when you posted your picture beside the blue door, I was going to send you a message about your pants. Now I will just say those are some lively trousers…

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