Emotions Running High

Buckingham Palace!!!

Sunday: Most businesses are closed on Sunday, so we took the day off from house and bank hunting and decided to pay a visit to the Queen! Currently they are offering a special tour inside Buckingham Palace until the end of September so we were very lucky to experience this! We walked through many staterooms, the throne room, as well as many corridors that the Royal Family uses regularly. It was spectacular.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside so I only have pictures of the outside. After visiting the Palace we walked around Leicester Square which reminded me very much of Times Square in New York. It’s full of action and everywhere you look you see signs for musicals, entertainment, and food. For supper we ate at Jamie Oliver’s Diner, which was VERY cool! For any of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE Food Network geek and Jamie Oliver has his own cooking show. After a fun filled day we made it home on the tube and got a good night’s rest.

The Back Side of Buckingham Palace overlooking the Palace Gardens

Kelsey and Kim enjoying some lunch in Green Park beside Buckingham Palace

Monday: Monday was BACK TO BUSINESS! We headed out early to talk to more renting agencies and were able to view some properties as well. We realized we had more options than we originally thought! We were also going to different banks trying to find a bank that could open an account for us. Which proved to be A LOT harder than we were initially told. After a very exhausting and stress-inducing day we managed to hope for the best and get some sleep.

Tuesday: AN OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!! 9:30 in the morning we got a call that our offer was accepted at a brand new flat that we had looked at on Monday!! Jubilance all around! We headed in to talk to the agency and they gave us the low-down on what the next steps would be to acquire our humble abode. This same day we were also able to find a bank that would book us an appointment to get an account! Just a great day all around! Our bank appointment is Friday as well as our move in date to our flat so I am really looking forward to finally getting settled!

Eating Waffles and Ice Cream for lunch in Green Park near Buckingham Palace!! SO DELICIOUS!

Wednesday: We officially signed the contract for our 3 bedroom flat! The flat is located in Harrow (if that means anything to anyone) and is right beside an underground station (the tube/subway) and a bus depot. This is perfect for us when we start teaching! Another plus is our flat is directly across from a little café called The Chocolate Room…! (This might end up being a downside since I feel like that will be an easy way to spend my cash) While Kelsey and Kim prefer to drink beers and wine, I will definitely be making my way through the 23 flavors of Italian hot chocolate at The Chocolate Room! Wednesday also brought us our first experience with delays in transit. It took us almost 2 hours to get somewhere that should have only taken around an hour. After another day sorting things out we are now back in our little Bed and Breakfast ready to hit the hay soon. We are all excited for tomorrow as we get to go into a school and shadow a teacher for the day!! I am very happy to be doing this so that I can see what a normal school day is like here in London before I have my first day of teaching. I will update on how it goes soon! But it’s time for me to sign off and put on a classic Old Time Radio show. Goodnight!! (or afternoon or morning, depending on when you choose to read this.)

5 thoughts on “Emotions Running High

  1. Looks like you are having a blast!! When do you start teaching? I’m shadowing a teacher tomorrow eekk!! How much was the buckingham palace tour? Would love to do some touristy things this weekend!


  2. Hello, Am! I’ve been waiting to hear an update. Thanks for this. What an exciting adventure–no pusillanimity for you!! Sorry you couldn’t sneak a picture inside Buckingham Palace. I am missing you in the grammar class, but I have an awesome group, although girls outnumber boys 13 to 1!! Gotta get more boys loving grammar…

    Best of luck with the bank and the move-in!

    Can’t wait to hear about the classroom…


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