The Butterflies Have Settled


Self explanatory

Sorry to those who have been waiting for another update of my life! I promise you I am alive and doing very well. I was going to wait until we got internet which was supposed to be Friday but then we found out that we won’t be able to get internet for at least a couple more weeks because our flat is so new and doesn’t have the proper outlets installed for wifi yet! We were pretty disappointed, to say the least! But in the meantime I thought I better give an update on the last couple weeks.

SO..the last two weeks..

We are finally feeling settled here in our lovely little flat! The first few days after we moved in we were busy making trips back and forth buying essentials, etc. Then we began our first full week of teaching! We have had some good and some bad experiences so far in the classroom. The first week was a bit rough but this last week has been great! Every school here does things a little bit differently when it comes to management of children, breaks, lunch, dismissal, lessons, pretty much everything. However, it is getting easier and easier to adjust to those changes and to ask the right questions to know how to proceed with the day.


Just the skull of a REALLY old man. – Natural History Museum

Here’s some things we have experienced so far in the classroom….

  1. I was lucky enough to be teaching a class where a boy decided that he would try and flush another boy’s trousers down the toilet. Guess who was the lucky person that had to take them out??? (me, and if you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic)
  1. Saying names incorrectly. This happens EVERY DAY. Majority of the student’s names I actually have no idea how to pronounce when I first read them, as the classrooms are very multicultural. The kids get a good laugh out of it thankfully.
  1. When we finally DO say the names correctly and then get told we aren’t saying them right because we are not saying them in an English accent.
  1. Getting funny looks all the time for saying “remember to put a PERIOD at the end of your sentences.” They have no idea what a period is because they call it a full stop.
  1. Having a student tell me, “You can’t tell me what to do!” – That was a tough day…
  1. Kelsey was teaching a year 3 class and students were reading a book aloud to the class. When it came to one boy’s turn he decided to try and mimic Kelsey’s Canadian accent while reading. Apparently he did pretty good but sounded a bit western.
  1. Telling students to act sensibly, walk sensibly and just be an all around sensible person. – Teachers say this ALL the time to students and I’m starting to pick it up.
  1. Kelsey has also picked up the phrase “quit messing about!”
  1. Kim had to teach a grammar lesson to some year 1’s one day and was focusing on the ‘er’ sound. It turns out how we say ‘er’ is not how they say it. For example, we would say togethER and they say it like togethA. So from then on if any of us has to teach grammar we make sure to ask another teacher how they teach that sound first.
  2.  Also getting funny looks when making the mistake of saying recess instead of playtime or break and saying garbage can instead of Bin.
  3. Something else that is different is that all the students wear uniforms at school. Therefore when they have P.E. (gym) they ALL have to change into gym outfits. This was an eye opening experience for all of us because from Reception (which is 4-5 year olds) up to at least Year 3 the students change right in the classroom in front of everyone. Girls and boys all together stripping and putting on their gym cloths. The first time this happened to me I almost started laughing because I couldn’t believe what was happening! And of course you always get the odd boy who’s visiting and walking around in his ‘pants’ and you have to remind him to “quickly put your clothes back on!”

Entrance in the Natural History Museum

Some exciting things we have done:


Kim and I at the Maple Leaf! (notice I am sporting my Canadian shirt??)

September 27 we had an induction day with our company Engage Education for all of the international teachers. We spent the day listening to speakers give us pointers on teaching in England and hearing their stories. It was really fun to meet all of the other teachers!! Most of them are from Canada but Kelsey, Kim and myself are the only ones from Saskatchewan. (Side note: EVERYONE who asks where we are from in Canada guesses either Toronto or Vancouver and then gives us a funny look when we tell them. I just give them a funny look back. People these days need to learn their geography..) After the speeches all of the teachers were invited downtown for some free drinks and appetizers and socialization! It was really great and I look forward to meeting up with some of them again soon! As the night progressed we found out that a Canadian bar called the Maple Leaf was only a short walk from where we were so of course we HAD to go check it out. We had a delicious bowl of poutine and then caught the tube home and had a good night’s rest.


Hyde Park

Another exciting thing I have done in London is visiting the Natural History Museum. If you ever visit London you MUST go here. Seriously. The architecture of the building itself is something to go and see. It has some amazing exhibits including a large Dinosaur exhibit. Funny enough the dinosaur fossils that they had at the exhibit included an Albertosaurus and Edmontosaurus shipped all the way from Alberta, Canada! I found it very funny considering I drove through Drumheller 3 times this summer and that’s probably where most of the fossils came from. The museum also had many other exhibits that I did not have the energy to go through so I will definitely be making a trip back!

We have also visited Hyde Park, which is a beautiful park that has a little man made body of water in the middle. There are many things to do around there such as rent rowboats, paddleboats, bikes, roller blades and more. Kelsey, Kim and I met up with our friend Breanne, who is working for a different company teaching here and we had a nice time walking around for a bit.

Kelsey and Kim have also visited Madame Tussauds and gave really great reviews on it, so I might have to make a trip there in the future.


Just sleuthing around. – Sherlock Holmes Museum

Saturday Kelsey and I decided to go visit the Sherlock Holmes museum!! If you don’t know, there is a series called Sherlock that is a BBC show that puts Sherlock in the modern day. It is by far my favorite TV show, so I was VERY excited to go to Baker Street and see this museum! We had to wait almost an hour in the rain until we were finally able to get into the museum but it was very cool to see! Of course, I had to make a purchase at the gift shop. After we did the museum tour we decided to look in the cliché touristy shops around Baker Street and bought a couple things and then headed back home where I spent the evening video chatting with some family and friends back in Canada!

I will try to write some blog posts more frequently so that you are not always having to read a chapter book from me.  Hope everyone is doing well and Happy October!!

P.S. for those of you who did not notice. I cut my hair! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Butterflies Have Settled

  1. Great blog Ambria! Thanks for keeping us updated! Love your hair cut it makes your eyes pop, you look so pretty! Good luck with those kids, they sound a little spoiled and out of control! Yikes!
    Grandma, auntie Jo & pam & I are off to vancouver tomorrow till Thursday. Should be fun, going to take in 2 shows, 4000 miles and educating Rita.
    Happy thanks giving Am!
    Auntie Danette


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