Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Our feast 🙂

Alright, the update! I always find it so hard to update because we STILL do not have Internet in our flat which is beginning to become quite annoying…BUT patience is a virtue so this is one way to build it. I can always do with more patience being a supply teacher.


Hellloooo Harry Potter!

So the past week a sickness has descended upon our humble abode! Kim was the first to fall under the grip of this bug and then last Monday the 6th I woke up with a coated sore throat and zero energy so took a sick day. I worked Tuesday and then again on Wednesday I took another sick day. However by Thursday my cold had turned into a plugged nose and ears but no sore throat so I decided I could handle that, and I am so glad I did because I have had the absolute pleasure teaching a reception class Thursday, Friday, and this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! For those of you who are wondering, reception is the grade they have before year 1. Similar to Kindergarten but they are 4 and 5 year olds. They are just the SWEETEST little souls. I was so lucky to be in the same class for 5 days! It is a very interactive classroom with lots of learning tables so for most of the day the students choose tables to work at while myself and the TA took groups of students away throughout the day to work on Maths or Literacy, etc. (If you are thinking I made a spelling mistake righting Maths you are wrong. They call Mathematics, Maths. which still bugs me to say it with an ‘s’ sound at the end.)


Drinking our Butter Beer!!

Now to the fun we have had this past weekend. On Saturday we decided to have our own Thanksgiving supper here in London!! We invited 6 Canadian teacher friends we have met here over for a chicken dinner! (We couldn’t find a turkey) We made stuffing, mashed potatoes, dill carrots and chicken! It was a very successful evening full of many teacher stories, lots of laughs and happy bellies.

On Sunday we had another REALLY exciting day! We visited Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios and toured the sets of the movies! WOW. We went through the exhibits for almost 4 hours. They had so many of the sets they used in the movies in this tour and hundreds of props and costumes. It was a fantastic tour and well worth the hour travel to get there.


Just a delicious brownie sundae from The Chocolate Room that I couldn’t NOT post.

I want to remind anyone reading this that I created a photo page and so I will be constantly adding photos of my adventure to that page as well so check it out! It have some pictures of our flat and many pictures of all the activities we have been busy with.

Oh and back to the cold and sickness in our house. Kelsey has now received the bug unfortunately, Kim is feeling better and I am definitely feeling better than last week but stuck blowing my nose 50 times a day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and you are staying healthy and happy!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!!

  1. Way to go cooking that beautiful Thanksgiving meal, Am (and your roomies)! We missed you a lot in Weyburn, and as you probably know the weather has been inspiring. Keep growing up those kids, Am, the way only you can!

    Auntie Celene


  2. Oh you have no idea how much we are enjoying your pictures and the news!! I almost envy you( but in the correct way not in jealous way)since I always wanted to go to Europe after I payed off my university debt– well no need to explain why that didn’t happen ha ha!! Really no regrets!!!! You will be seeing you parents soon so that will be fun— and exhausting! We are having great weather now so hope that goes on for awhile, especially for Sabrina’s soccer games tomorrow as well as Logan’s football game! We just had our new sofa and love seat delivered today it is a off white and makes the room appear larger I think. Now we are waiting on a area rug– two new chairs and tables to complete a new look for our living room! Well my dear keep in touch the Haupstein cousins love reading the updates as well! Love and prayers grandma and grandpa


    • I am glad you are liking my blog 🙂 it is pretty fun to write. Say hi to all those Haupstein’s for me! But oh wow that sounds lovely Grandma!! Can’t wait to see your new living room when I come home!! As for Christmas I was just hoping I wouldn’t miss out on it haha. I get home on Dec. 20 around 7pm so was just wondering if you had planned the day yet. Love you grandma and grandpa!! Can’t wait to see everyone at Christmas! Love Am


  3. So sorry Ambria I forgot to reply to you question re Christmas!! I really don’t know since Christmas is mid week! I will get on it do you have a preference? Love and prayers grandma


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