Yes. I am still alive.

I realize that it has been 3 weeks since the last time I posted SO I am not going to bore you by going through all the details of the past 3 weeks but I will fill you in on some of the highlights and challenges.


YAY! So happy my parents came to visit!

Highlight #1

Last week was half term break in England so no school! AND the biggest highlight was my parents coming to visit me!! We had an absolutely fantastic, busy time together and I was finally able to get more touristy things checked off my list. Here are a few of my favorites:

Touristy Item 1: Stumbled upon the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace with the guard band playing ‘The Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga during the ceremony. (a VERY good rendition of it too.)


Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard Band

Touristy Item 2: Decided to take on the challenge of renting a vehicle and driving on the “wrong” side of the road (as my dad liked to refer to it while speaking to the British car rental people). We took an hour and a half drive to the city of Dover and were serenaded by my dad singing the line “the white cliffs of Dover” over and over. Once we arrived we had lunch and then took a tour of Dover Castle, which was very cool!


Chillin in Dover’s Medieval Castle.


Presenting King and Queen of Dover Castle.


I hope everyone knows what this is…


Windsor Castle tour

Touristy Item 3: After leaving Dover we decided to take the 4-hour route back to London (courtesy of our GPS who decided to set out home location on the wrong side of London). We were lucky enough to drive through the very heart of London, getting to cross over the Tower of London Bridge at night in the middle of rush hour. Not to mention we were apparently driving on the wrong side of the road, but my dad did get very good at navigating the roundabouts! I got the lucky job of watching the GPS and telling my dad when to exit the roundabouts. This was not a simple task as sometimes these things have 8 exits! “Okay keep going, going… TURN NOW!” Let’s just say we were all VERY happy when we finally got our car safely back to the airport…Nothing like a good stress drive to bond with your parents over.


The cute little car we rented!

Touristy Item 4: We decided we had enough of driving so took a bus tour to visit Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and the City of Bath. It was an amazing tour and every single place I would recommend seeing if you ever find yourself in England. Windsor Castle is where the Queen actually lives most of the time and Buckingham Palace is actually more of her office, which I did not know.


Tower of London and a sea of poppies!

Touristy Item 5: Toured the Tower of London. The Tower of London is a little castle in the middle of London that is now a tourist spot and also holds the Crown Jewels! It is also the 100th anniversary since World War I so there was a sea of clay poppies around the moat of the castle, which was absolutely incredible to see.

Overall I had a fantastic time with my parents and although I was really looking forward to having a day to sleep in I was sad to see them leave!

Challenge #1

We still do not HAVE INTERNET! Hoping this will be resolved soon.

Highlight #2

I am starting to be requested back more to schools I really like! It is the best feeling when a school requests me back. It also is great because I am getting to know the students better. Just yesterday I was in my favorite reception class and all the students remembered me and were making sweet little scribble pictures for me.


I wish he was real… – Madame Tussauds

Challenge #2

I still have my bad supply days. Fridays have proved to be the worst day to supply teach as the students are ready for the weekend and their respect, listening skills, and behavior all go down about 50 notches. A couple weeks ago I had an especially challenging Friday with a Year 5 class. They made me lose my voice, I took away 30 min of free time they were supposed to get, and I had to send one child to another class. They couldn’t even stand in a straight line for me AND one of the students decided it was funny to start mimicking me. I have never been so happy to get students out of the classroom at the end of day.


Boltttttt! – Madame Tussauds

Highlight # 3

Students say the most hilarious things. In a year 5 class one day a girl was trying to convince the boy beside her that mermaids WERE real. They are apparently just scared to show themselves to humans because then scientists will capture them and do tests on them. She was dead serious.


Typical telephone box pic

Well I will stop here for now. I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy! I’m beginning to count down the days until I come home at Christmas! I’m having a great time here but missing so many people!


My parents could not come to London without a stop at the Chocolate Room for some brownie sundaes!!

2 thoughts on “Yes. I am still alive.

  1. Oh thank you soooo much for your pictures and news!, since we didn’t have WiFi in Yuma we just got to read your blog now I love it!, you will look back wih many fond memories and will always be glad you “stepped out “” you look so great in the pictures and you just wet my appetite as to our attempt to make that trip! It would be so fun to do it while you are there– I really must work on grandpa!! Lots of exciting news hear right! Engagement of cousin Justin and bBy Sophie Lynn do hope all will be well since she is tiny but lots of smaller babies do well!! You take care and yes it will be so great to see you very soon! Love and Prayers grandpa and grandma!!


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