Crazy Classes and Sweet Kids


Visiting the London Zoo!

So the past few weeks have been pretty much the same routine. Teaching, eating, reading, sleeping, and THE WEEKEND!

Some memorable instances that come to mind are…

  1. A couple weeks ago I was sent to a school to teach a Year 6 class (10-11 year olds). I have only taught in a year 6 class one other day and it was quite a good day but I was still nervous going in, as I haven’t had as much experience with the older years. It ended up being one of my rougher days. Students decided to test me. One girl was giving me some serious attitude all day. Throughout a science test students decided that they could freely talk to one another, and then proceeded to break off chunks of rubber (eraser) and throw them around the room. Now, one of the things I am learning is how to deal with situations like these but honestly I was trying everything with this class and they just would not listen. One of the hardest things about being a supply is I can’t fix behavior issues however much I want to because I just don’t have the time in the day to get to know every students needs. However we all made it through the day and I was happy to know I didn’t have to go back to that class the next day. However at the end of the day, one of the students came up to me and gave me a letter.

The Letter!!

This is what it said:

Dear Miss Mainil,

Dear Miss Mainil I am writing to you to say sory that we had been very disrespectfull and we never lisend to you. Miss Mainil I’m saying the trueth that some people war throwing roubers around the classroom all my apologi.

I am very sory,

From Niki

All my apology.

This simple little note is one of the things I love most about teaching! The fact that this one child noticed my stress and annoyance and decided to write me a letter to apologize for her class! It truly brightened my day and made the whole experience worth it!


Superhero Day for Children in Need


The London Eye

  1. In England I feel like they celebrate a holiday every week. About the first 6 weeks I was here I would hear fireworks going off almost EVERY weekend and sometimes during the week! Did you know that it is legal for anyone to buy fireworks and blast them off almost anywhere in London?? It is pretty cool actually. Anyways, One the holidays was the 5th of November! Remembering when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the parliament buildings. Every year people celebrate by creating HUGE bonfires and setting off fireworks. Lots of people call it bonfire night. It was very fun to be a part of and a good fireworks show to go with it!


    Bonfire Night!

  2. One week I was fortunate enough to teach a year one class all week while their teacher was away. They were the sweetest bunch of students and I had a blast with them! The last day I was with them the school had a special Superhero day where children brought donations to dress up as Superheroes for the day and the proceeds went to a charity called Children in Need. It was a very fun day to be part of!
  1. I was very lucky to get to experience going to a professional tennis match!!! It was AMAZING!! Watched Ferrer (Spain) vs Nishikori (Japan). It was a incredible day!


    At the O2 center for some ATP World Tour Tennis!!

  1. Andreas came to visit!!! Andreas used to work on our farm a couple summers ago so it was wonderful to see him again and to tour with him around the city!! We had a solid 13 hour day of touring and he was off the next morning! We got to go on the London Eye (ferris wheel), visited the Aquarium, London dungeon experience, The British Museum (where I saw the Rosetta Stone!) and Ripley’s Believe It or Not where I kicked Andreas’ butt in a laser game. A room was full of lasers and you had to get through it as quickly as possible without touching any lasers!
  1. I smiled at a girl in year 3 one day and she told me I had nice cheeks….uh thanks..??

Andreas and I. Big Ben and the Parliment buildings in the background.

Well hope that catches you up on some of the things I have been experiencing! I am getting very excited to come home for Christmas!! Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy!!

One thought on “Crazy Classes and Sweet Kids

  1. Am, this awesome account of your life totally makes my day. My aplojies for not writting sooner. Haha!! Hope to see you at Christmas!!


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