Christmas Obsession

So one solid fact I have learned through observation is that England, or at least London, is OBSESSED with Christmas. Since September, yes SEPTEMBER, we have seen decorations popping up more and more. It seemed a bit ridiculous in September and October but as soon as Halloween passed, I have definitely been loving the Christmas atmosphere and spirit over here! A huge carnival called Winter Wonderland has popped up in Hyde Park. It’s full of rides, places to eat, and wonderful markets to shop at! There are Christmas markets all over London and most include skating rinks! About a month ago Kelsey and myself were also able to find a local church to go to. So it has been wonderful to be able to attend mass on Sunday and be reminded of the real reason for Christmas among all the craziness.

I have been pretty busy with work during the week and since it now gets dark by 4pm here I don’t do much in my evenings. We did have our Engage Christmas Party on Dec. 5, which was very fun! It was nice to get out and mingle with all of the supply teachers and see how their year is going! Oh and the dancing was fun of course! Dec. 7 was Kim’s birthday. Back in September a man approached Kim and myself, one day while we were walking around, and he offered us a really good deal on a makeover/photoshoot experience. Neither of us have ever done anything like this before but the deal was too good to pass up so we booked the experience for Kim’s birthday and it was SO fun!! We got our hair and makeup done and then had 3 outfit changes and had an awesome photographer that made the experience really fun!

This past week I was teaching in a year 3 class for the whole week while their teacher was off. It was a blast! I love getting longer stints in classrooms because then I really start to get to know the students well! I even got to take the class to see Santa on Thursday (which they were THRILLED about) and on Friday the Year 3,4,5, and 6’s had their Christmas concert in a nearby church and it was so wonderful to be a part of! This is definitely the best season to be teaching in.  Best memory from this week: I was correcting some work over lunch in the classroom and I started hearing quite a ruckus out in the hall.  I decided to go check it out and I found a bunch of older boys blocking the doorway to some classrooms because they were all crowding to be the first one at the Cricket bats and balls.  I proceeded to give them a lecture about straight, orderly, SENSIBLE lines and got them quieted down.  As I was walking away I heard one of the boys from my Year 3 class (who was trying to get through one of the doorways to go outside) say, “YEAH! That’s my teacher!” in a proud tone.  It was probably one of the best compliments I have had.

I hope everyone else is having a very happy December so far!! I will be back in Canada next Saturday, which I am beyond excited for. Seriously, words can’t even describe! I hope to see lots of family and friends before I fly back over here again! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Ps. sorry for their being no pictures! We still do not have internet and I was not feeling like paying for something to eat or drink just to upload a couple! I will make sure to post extra next time 🙂

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