Christmas Obsession

So one solid fact I have learned through observation is that England, or at least London, is OBSESSED with Christmas. Since September, yes SEPTEMBER, we have seen decorations popping up more and more. It seemed a bit ridiculous in September and October but as soon as Halloween passed, I have definitely been loving the Christmas atmosphere and spirit over here! A huge carnival called Winter Wonderland has popped up in Hyde Park. It’s full of rides, places to eat, and wonderful markets to shop at! There are Christmas markets all over London and most include skating rinks! About a month ago Kelsey and myself were also able to find a local church to go to. So it has been wonderful to be able to attend mass on Sunday and be reminded of the real reason for Christmas among all the craziness.

I have been pretty busy with work during the week and since it now gets dark by 4pm here I don’t do much in my evenings. We did have our Engage Christmas Party on Dec. 5, which was very fun! It was nice to get out and mingle with all of the supply teachers and see how their year is going! Oh and the dancing was fun of course! Dec. 7 was Kim’s birthday. Back in September a man approached Kim and myself, one day while we were walking around, and he offered us a really good deal on a makeover/photoshoot experience. Neither of us have ever done anything like this before but the deal was too good to pass up so we booked the experience for Kim’s birthday and it was SO fun!! We got our hair and makeup done and then had 3 outfit changes and had an awesome photographer that made the experience really fun!

This past week I was teaching in a year 3 class for the whole week while their teacher was off. It was a blast! I love getting longer stints in classrooms because then I really start to get to know the students well! I even got to take the class to see Santa on Thursday (which they were THRILLED about) and on Friday the Year 3,4,5, and 6’s had their Christmas concert in a nearby church and it was so wonderful to be a part of! This is definitely the best season to be teaching in.  Best memory from this week: I was correcting some work over lunch in the classroom and I started hearing quite a ruckus out in the hall.  I decided to go check it out and I found a bunch of older boys blocking the doorway to some classrooms because they were all crowding to be the first one at the Cricket bats and balls.  I proceeded to give them a lecture about straight, orderly, SENSIBLE lines and got them quieted down.  As I was walking away I heard one of the boys from my Year 3 class (who was trying to get through one of the doorways to go outside) say, “YEAH! That’s my teacher!” in a proud tone.  It was probably one of the best compliments I have had.

I hope everyone else is having a very happy December so far!! I will be back in Canada next Saturday, which I am beyond excited for. Seriously, words can’t even describe! I hope to see lots of family and friends before I fly back over here again! Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Ps. sorry for their being no pictures! We still do not have internet and I was not feeling like paying for something to eat or drink just to upload a couple! I will make sure to post extra next time 🙂

Crazy Classes and Sweet Kids


Visiting the London Zoo!

So the past few weeks have been pretty much the same routine. Teaching, eating, reading, sleeping, and THE WEEKEND!

Some memorable instances that come to mind are…

  1. A couple weeks ago I was sent to a school to teach a Year 6 class (10-11 year olds). I have only taught in a year 6 class one other day and it was quite a good day but I was still nervous going in, as I haven’t had as much experience with the older years. It ended up being one of my rougher days. Students decided to test me. One girl was giving me some serious attitude all day. Throughout a science test students decided that they could freely talk to one another, and then proceeded to break off chunks of rubber (eraser) and throw them around the room. Now, one of the things I am learning is how to deal with situations like these but honestly I was trying everything with this class and they just would not listen. One of the hardest things about being a supply is I can’t fix behavior issues however much I want to because I just don’t have the time in the day to get to know every students needs. However we all made it through the day and I was happy to know I didn’t have to go back to that class the next day. However at the end of the day, one of the students came up to me and gave me a letter.

The Letter!!

This is what it said:

Dear Miss Mainil,

Dear Miss Mainil I am writing to you to say sory that we had been very disrespectfull and we never lisend to you. Miss Mainil I’m saying the trueth that some people war throwing roubers around the classroom all my apologi.

I am very sory,

From Niki

All my apology.

This simple little note is one of the things I love most about teaching! The fact that this one child noticed my stress and annoyance and decided to write me a letter to apologize for her class! It truly brightened my day and made the whole experience worth it!


Superhero Day for Children in Need


The London Eye

  1. In England I feel like they celebrate a holiday every week. About the first 6 weeks I was here I would hear fireworks going off almost EVERY weekend and sometimes during the week! Did you know that it is legal for anyone to buy fireworks and blast them off almost anywhere in London?? It is pretty cool actually. Anyways, One the holidays was the 5th of November! Remembering when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the parliament buildings. Every year people celebrate by creating HUGE bonfires and setting off fireworks. Lots of people call it bonfire night. It was very fun to be a part of and a good fireworks show to go with it!


    Bonfire Night!

  2. One week I was fortunate enough to teach a year one class all week while their teacher was away. They were the sweetest bunch of students and I had a blast with them! The last day I was with them the school had a special Superhero day where children brought donations to dress up as Superheroes for the day and the proceeds went to a charity called Children in Need. It was a very fun day to be part of!
  1. I was very lucky to get to experience going to a professional tennis match!!! It was AMAZING!! Watched Ferrer (Spain) vs Nishikori (Japan). It was a incredible day!


    At the O2 center for some ATP World Tour Tennis!!

  1. Andreas came to visit!!! Andreas used to work on our farm a couple summers ago so it was wonderful to see him again and to tour with him around the city!! We had a solid 13 hour day of touring and he was off the next morning! We got to go on the London Eye (ferris wheel), visited the Aquarium, London dungeon experience, The British Museum (where I saw the Rosetta Stone!) and Ripley’s Believe It or Not where I kicked Andreas’ butt in a laser game. A room was full of lasers and you had to get through it as quickly as possible without touching any lasers!
  1. I smiled at a girl in year 3 one day and she told me I had nice cheeks….uh thanks..??

Andreas and I. Big Ben and the Parliment buildings in the background.

Well hope that catches you up on some of the things I have been experiencing! I am getting very excited to come home for Christmas!! Hope everyone is staying happy and healthy!!

Yes. I am still alive.

I realize that it has been 3 weeks since the last time I posted SO I am not going to bore you by going through all the details of the past 3 weeks but I will fill you in on some of the highlights and challenges.


YAY! So happy my parents came to visit!

Highlight #1

Last week was half term break in England so no school! AND the biggest highlight was my parents coming to visit me!! We had an absolutely fantastic, busy time together and I was finally able to get more touristy things checked off my list. Here are a few of my favorites:

Touristy Item 1: Stumbled upon the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace with the guard band playing ‘The Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga during the ceremony. (a VERY good rendition of it too.)


Buckingham Palace Changing of the Guard Band

Touristy Item 2: Decided to take on the challenge of renting a vehicle and driving on the “wrong” side of the road (as my dad liked to refer to it while speaking to the British car rental people). We took an hour and a half drive to the city of Dover and were serenaded by my dad singing the line “the white cliffs of Dover” over and over. Once we arrived we had lunch and then took a tour of Dover Castle, which was very cool!


Chillin in Dover’s Medieval Castle.


Presenting King and Queen of Dover Castle.


I hope everyone knows what this is…


Windsor Castle tour

Touristy Item 3: After leaving Dover we decided to take the 4-hour route back to London (courtesy of our GPS who decided to set out home location on the wrong side of London). We were lucky enough to drive through the very heart of London, getting to cross over the Tower of London Bridge at night in the middle of rush hour. Not to mention we were apparently driving on the wrong side of the road, but my dad did get very good at navigating the roundabouts! I got the lucky job of watching the GPS and telling my dad when to exit the roundabouts. This was not a simple task as sometimes these things have 8 exits! “Okay keep going, going… TURN NOW!” Let’s just say we were all VERY happy when we finally got our car safely back to the airport…Nothing like a good stress drive to bond with your parents over.


The cute little car we rented!

Touristy Item 4: We decided we had enough of driving so took a bus tour to visit Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and the City of Bath. It was an amazing tour and every single place I would recommend seeing if you ever find yourself in England. Windsor Castle is where the Queen actually lives most of the time and Buckingham Palace is actually more of her office, which I did not know.


Tower of London and a sea of poppies!

Touristy Item 5: Toured the Tower of London. The Tower of London is a little castle in the middle of London that is now a tourist spot and also holds the Crown Jewels! It is also the 100th anniversary since World War I so there was a sea of clay poppies around the moat of the castle, which was absolutely incredible to see.

Overall I had a fantastic time with my parents and although I was really looking forward to having a day to sleep in I was sad to see them leave!

Challenge #1

We still do not HAVE INTERNET! Hoping this will be resolved soon.

Highlight #2

I am starting to be requested back more to schools I really like! It is the best feeling when a school requests me back. It also is great because I am getting to know the students better. Just yesterday I was in my favorite reception class and all the students remembered me and were making sweet little scribble pictures for me.


I wish he was real… – Madame Tussauds

Challenge #2

I still have my bad supply days. Fridays have proved to be the worst day to supply teach as the students are ready for the weekend and their respect, listening skills, and behavior all go down about 50 notches. A couple weeks ago I had an especially challenging Friday with a Year 5 class. They made me lose my voice, I took away 30 min of free time they were supposed to get, and I had to send one child to another class. They couldn’t even stand in a straight line for me AND one of the students decided it was funny to start mimicking me. I have never been so happy to get students out of the classroom at the end of day.


Boltttttt! – Madame Tussauds

Highlight # 3

Students say the most hilarious things. In a year 5 class one day a girl was trying to convince the boy beside her that mermaids WERE real. They are apparently just scared to show themselves to humans because then scientists will capture them and do tests on them. She was dead serious.


Typical telephone box pic

Well I will stop here for now. I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy! I’m beginning to count down the days until I come home at Christmas! I’m having a great time here but missing so many people!


My parents could not come to London without a stop at the Chocolate Room for some brownie sundaes!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


Our feast 🙂

Alright, the update! I always find it so hard to update because we STILL do not have Internet in our flat which is beginning to become quite annoying…BUT patience is a virtue so this is one way to build it. I can always do with more patience being a supply teacher.


Hellloooo Harry Potter!

So the past week a sickness has descended upon our humble abode! Kim was the first to fall under the grip of this bug and then last Monday the 6th I woke up with a coated sore throat and zero energy so took a sick day. I worked Tuesday and then again on Wednesday I took another sick day. However by Thursday my cold had turned into a plugged nose and ears but no sore throat so I decided I could handle that, and I am so glad I did because I have had the absolute pleasure teaching a reception class Thursday, Friday, and this week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! For those of you who are wondering, reception is the grade they have before year 1. Similar to Kindergarten but they are 4 and 5 year olds. They are just the SWEETEST little souls. I was so lucky to be in the same class for 5 days! It is a very interactive classroom with lots of learning tables so for most of the day the students choose tables to work at while myself and the TA took groups of students away throughout the day to work on Maths or Literacy, etc. (If you are thinking I made a spelling mistake righting Maths you are wrong. They call Mathematics, Maths. which still bugs me to say it with an ‘s’ sound at the end.)


Drinking our Butter Beer!!

Now to the fun we have had this past weekend. On Saturday we decided to have our own Thanksgiving supper here in London!! We invited 6 Canadian teacher friends we have met here over for a chicken dinner! (We couldn’t find a turkey) We made stuffing, mashed potatoes, dill carrots and chicken! It was a very successful evening full of many teacher stories, lots of laughs and happy bellies.

On Sunday we had another REALLY exciting day! We visited Harry Potter Warner Brother Studios and toured the sets of the movies! WOW. We went through the exhibits for almost 4 hours. They had so many of the sets they used in the movies in this tour and hundreds of props and costumes. It was a fantastic tour and well worth the hour travel to get there.


Just a delicious brownie sundae from The Chocolate Room that I couldn’t NOT post.

I want to remind anyone reading this that I created a photo page and so I will be constantly adding photos of my adventure to that page as well so check it out! It have some pictures of our flat and many pictures of all the activities we have been busy with.

Oh and back to the cold and sickness in our house. Kelsey has now received the bug unfortunately, Kim is feeling better and I am definitely feeling better than last week but stuck blowing my nose 50 times a day!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving and you are staying healthy and happy!!

The Butterflies Have Settled


Self explanatory

Sorry to those who have been waiting for another update of my life! I promise you I am alive and doing very well. I was going to wait until we got internet which was supposed to be Friday but then we found out that we won’t be able to get internet for at least a couple more weeks because our flat is so new and doesn’t have the proper outlets installed for wifi yet! We were pretty disappointed, to say the least! But in the meantime I thought I better give an update on the last couple weeks.

SO..the last two weeks..

We are finally feeling settled here in our lovely little flat! The first few days after we moved in we were busy making trips back and forth buying essentials, etc. Then we began our first full week of teaching! We have had some good and some bad experiences so far in the classroom. The first week was a bit rough but this last week has been great! Every school here does things a little bit differently when it comes to management of children, breaks, lunch, dismissal, lessons, pretty much everything. However, it is getting easier and easier to adjust to those changes and to ask the right questions to know how to proceed with the day.


Just the skull of a REALLY old man. – Natural History Museum

Here’s some things we have experienced so far in the classroom….

  1. I was lucky enough to be teaching a class where a boy decided that he would try and flush another boy’s trousers down the toilet. Guess who was the lucky person that had to take them out??? (me, and if you couldn’t tell I was being sarcastic)
  1. Saying names incorrectly. This happens EVERY DAY. Majority of the student’s names I actually have no idea how to pronounce when I first read them, as the classrooms are very multicultural. The kids get a good laugh out of it thankfully.
  1. When we finally DO say the names correctly and then get told we aren’t saying them right because we are not saying them in an English accent.
  1. Getting funny looks all the time for saying “remember to put a PERIOD at the end of your sentences.” They have no idea what a period is because they call it a full stop.
  1. Having a student tell me, “You can’t tell me what to do!” – That was a tough day…
  1. Kelsey was teaching a year 3 class and students were reading a book aloud to the class. When it came to one boy’s turn he decided to try and mimic Kelsey’s Canadian accent while reading. Apparently he did pretty good but sounded a bit western.
  1. Telling students to act sensibly, walk sensibly and just be an all around sensible person. – Teachers say this ALL the time to students and I’m starting to pick it up.
  1. Kelsey has also picked up the phrase “quit messing about!”
  1. Kim had to teach a grammar lesson to some year 1’s one day and was focusing on the ‘er’ sound. It turns out how we say ‘er’ is not how they say it. For example, we would say togethER and they say it like togethA. So from then on if any of us has to teach grammar we make sure to ask another teacher how they teach that sound first.
  2.  Also getting funny looks when making the mistake of saying recess instead of playtime or break and saying garbage can instead of Bin.
  3. Something else that is different is that all the students wear uniforms at school. Therefore when they have P.E. (gym) they ALL have to change into gym outfits. This was an eye opening experience for all of us because from Reception (which is 4-5 year olds) up to at least Year 3 the students change right in the classroom in front of everyone. Girls and boys all together stripping and putting on their gym cloths. The first time this happened to me I almost started laughing because I couldn’t believe what was happening! And of course you always get the odd boy who’s visiting and walking around in his ‘pants’ and you have to remind him to “quickly put your clothes back on!”

Entrance in the Natural History Museum

Some exciting things we have done:


Kim and I at the Maple Leaf! (notice I am sporting my Canadian shirt??)

September 27 we had an induction day with our company Engage Education for all of the international teachers. We spent the day listening to speakers give us pointers on teaching in England and hearing their stories. It was really fun to meet all of the other teachers!! Most of them are from Canada but Kelsey, Kim and myself are the only ones from Saskatchewan. (Side note: EVERYONE who asks where we are from in Canada guesses either Toronto or Vancouver and then gives us a funny look when we tell them. I just give them a funny look back. People these days need to learn their geography..) After the speeches all of the teachers were invited downtown for some free drinks and appetizers and socialization! It was really great and I look forward to meeting up with some of them again soon! As the night progressed we found out that a Canadian bar called the Maple Leaf was only a short walk from where we were so of course we HAD to go check it out. We had a delicious bowl of poutine and then caught the tube home and had a good night’s rest.


Hyde Park

Another exciting thing I have done in London is visiting the Natural History Museum. If you ever visit London you MUST go here. Seriously. The architecture of the building itself is something to go and see. It has some amazing exhibits including a large Dinosaur exhibit. Funny enough the dinosaur fossils that they had at the exhibit included an Albertosaurus and Edmontosaurus shipped all the way from Alberta, Canada! I found it very funny considering I drove through Drumheller 3 times this summer and that’s probably where most of the fossils came from. The museum also had many other exhibits that I did not have the energy to go through so I will definitely be making a trip back!

We have also visited Hyde Park, which is a beautiful park that has a little man made body of water in the middle. There are many things to do around there such as rent rowboats, paddleboats, bikes, roller blades and more. Kelsey, Kim and I met up with our friend Breanne, who is working for a different company teaching here and we had a nice time walking around for a bit.

Kelsey and Kim have also visited Madame Tussauds and gave really great reviews on it, so I might have to make a trip there in the future.


Just sleuthing around. – Sherlock Holmes Museum

Saturday Kelsey and I decided to go visit the Sherlock Holmes museum!! If you don’t know, there is a series called Sherlock that is a BBC show that puts Sherlock in the modern day. It is by far my favorite TV show, so I was VERY excited to go to Baker Street and see this museum! We had to wait almost an hour in the rain until we were finally able to get into the museum but it was very cool to see! Of course, I had to make a purchase at the gift shop. After we did the museum tour we decided to look in the cliché touristy shops around Baker Street and bought a couple things and then headed back home where I spent the evening video chatting with some family and friends back in Canada!

I will try to write some blog posts more frequently so that you are not always having to read a chapter book from me.  Hope everyone is doing well and Happy October!!

P.S. for those of you who did not notice. I cut my hair! 🙂

Whirlwind of a Week

Wow!! What a crazy couple days we have had! I left you with letting you all know how we were going to be shadowing teachers on Thursday so that we could get to know how the classrooms and schedules work in the schools. Kim, Kelsey and myself could NOT sleep due to the jittery nervous sensations bouncing around in our tummies all night. Eventually it was 5:45 am Thursday morning and we all took turns showering in our little B and B room and looking our best before heading out to catch the tube. Each of us was assigned a different school so it was the first time where we were going to have to split up and use the transit on our own! We got on the tube together around 7 and around 7:15 I get a call from Engage asking us to all get off at the next stop. Then I was informed that Engage was short of teachers today and that instead of shadowing a teacher we were actually all assigned to completely different schools to TEACH! What else could we say but yes? SO we proceeded to go separate ways, with tummies that now had strands of tantalizing fear sprouting all about, and made our way to teach as official teachers for the FIRST TIME! It was a crazy day! I will go over my experience as best I can.

The school I was assigned was informed that I would be coming to supply teach for the day so when I arrived at 8 am they were ready to show me what do to and where to be. The secretary was VERY helpful and she gave me a run down on the policies of the school, etc and signed me in! All adults in the school must wear a tag at all times so that everyone knows the purpose of them being there. So all the teachers, assistants, etc have lanyards with these tags around their neck. I got a specially made sticker that I wore on my shirt throughout the day. After the introductions to the school I was told how I would be teaching Year 3 (they refer to grades as years in the UK and Year 3 is kind of equivalent to Grade 2, it is 7 and 8 year olds). Lucky for me the teacher who’s classroom I was teaching was at the school to show me what to do with her class in the morning! She was going to take over the class that had the absent teacher. The morning went by fairly smoothly, as I basically just had to give the students a couple tests. One thing that is different about schools here is that for break (which is like recess) there is no bell, you just dismiss your class at 10:15 for break. Poor students almost missed their break cause I was waiting for a bell to ring! At the end of break all the students line up outside in their class lines and the teachers collect their group and head into their classrooms. In the afternoon I was assigned to a different Year 3 class and their teacher also went over what I would be doing with them for the afternoon before going to teach a different class. The afternoon was a bit more challenging! I had some students who really wanted to test the limits of what they could do and at one point I had to take a student to another classroom because they were just to disruptive for the rest of the class. However when the end of the day came, I corrected the work they had done and was happily surprised to see that majority of students had actually done all of the work and gotten it right too!

Quotes of the day from students: (say these in a cute English accent in your head)

“May I please have a rubber.” – Students refer to erasers as rubbers!

“May I please have a tissue” – I got this MULTIPLE times throughout the day. It’s one of the cutest phrases I have heard in an English accent.

“Miss, he’s throwing rubbers at me.”

“You sound different” – it’s so funny to be the one with the accent!

It was a crazy first day of teaching but I survived and was lucky to have 3 days off before going at it again on Monday! Kim and Kelsey also had their share of craziness for the first day and it was fun to sit and share all our stories at the end of the day. Needless to say we all fell asleep very early and had a VERY good sleep.


Friday was MOVING DAY! One of the most exciting days I have had! We are now officially moved into our BRAND NEW FLAT!!! It is amazing! Could not ask for a better place to live during my time here. Each of us has a large bed and wardrobe and it was so nice to finally unpack all of our things and have somewhere to put them! Friday was also full of trips back and forth to the mall buying plates, cutlery, bedding, cleaning supplies, etc. Basically all the essentials you need in a new place. Thankfully we found a place called Wilkos that has amazing deals on everything you need in a home! Our flat was already furnished with beds, tables, chairs, etc, we just had to fill it with all the smaller essentials. We had a long day taking several trips back and forth from stores. Thankfully we live right beside two malls! So it was a lot easier than it could have been. Our flat is in such an excellent location, being right beside the malls, the tube station, bus station, and of course The Chocolate Room (haha).  We had another busy day so we all had very fitful sleeps again and now it’s Saturday.

Today we went out already and bought a few more essentials and we are planning on going grocery shopping this afternoon. Random fact: Did you know they do not call them grocery stores here? They call them food stores. Anyways I am looking forward to more relaxing day and hopefully a few video calls with some people I am missing back home! Saturday and Sunday are really the only days I can video chat people because of the time difference. Except for my amazing mom! Thank goodness I have my mom to call during the week and to message throughout the day because she has already helped me sort out a few things!

Oh and I almost forgot! We also got bank accounts on Friday. Woohooo!! Who knew a person could feel so awesome after doing all these adult things??! Anyways I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!! Will try and post again in a few days but we do not have wifi in our flat until Oct. 3 so we will see. Currently at a local Starbucks using there free wifi to send this off, however there wifi is not strong enough to upload pictures so once I have wifi in my place I will upload pictures of our flat!!!

Emotions Running High

Buckingham Palace!!!

Sunday: Most businesses are closed on Sunday, so we took the day off from house and bank hunting and decided to pay a visit to the Queen! Currently they are offering a special tour inside Buckingham Palace until the end of September so we were very lucky to experience this! We walked through many staterooms, the throne room, as well as many corridors that the Royal Family uses regularly. It was spectacular.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside so I only have pictures of the outside. After visiting the Palace we walked around Leicester Square which reminded me very much of Times Square in New York. It’s full of action and everywhere you look you see signs for musicals, entertainment, and food. For supper we ate at Jamie Oliver’s Diner, which was VERY cool! For any of you who don’t know, I am a HUGE Food Network geek and Jamie Oliver has his own cooking show. After a fun filled day we made it home on the tube and got a good night’s rest.

The Back Side of Buckingham Palace overlooking the Palace Gardens

Kelsey and Kim enjoying some lunch in Green Park beside Buckingham Palace

Monday: Monday was BACK TO BUSINESS! We headed out early to talk to more renting agencies and were able to view some properties as well. We realized we had more options than we originally thought! We were also going to different banks trying to find a bank that could open an account for us. Which proved to be A LOT harder than we were initially told. After a very exhausting and stress-inducing day we managed to hope for the best and get some sleep.

Tuesday: AN OFFER WAS ACCEPTED!! 9:30 in the morning we got a call that our offer was accepted at a brand new flat that we had looked at on Monday!! Jubilance all around! We headed in to talk to the agency and they gave us the low-down on what the next steps would be to acquire our humble abode. This same day we were also able to find a bank that would book us an appointment to get an account! Just a great day all around! Our bank appointment is Friday as well as our move in date to our flat so I am really looking forward to finally getting settled!

Eating Waffles and Ice Cream for lunch in Green Park near Buckingham Palace!! SO DELICIOUS!

Wednesday: We officially signed the contract for our 3 bedroom flat! The flat is located in Harrow (if that means anything to anyone) and is right beside an underground station (the tube/subway) and a bus depot. This is perfect for us when we start teaching! Another plus is our flat is directly across from a little café called The Chocolate Room…! (This might end up being a downside since I feel like that will be an easy way to spend my cash) While Kelsey and Kim prefer to drink beers and wine, I will definitely be making my way through the 23 flavors of Italian hot chocolate at The Chocolate Room! Wednesday also brought us our first experience with delays in transit. It took us almost 2 hours to get somewhere that should have only taken around an hour. After another day sorting things out we are now back in our little Bed and Breakfast ready to hit the hay soon. We are all excited for tomorrow as we get to go into a school and shadow a teacher for the day!! I am very happy to be doing this so that I can see what a normal school day is like here in London before I have my first day of teaching. I will update on how it goes soon! But it’s time for me to sign off and put on a classic Old Time Radio show. Goodnight!! (or afternoon or morning, depending on when you choose to read this.)

City of Clouds and Traffic

Welcome to my (Ambria’s) blog post about life in London! As most of you may know I moved to London to supply (substitute) teach for part of the school year with two friends, Kim Hassard and Kelsey Pragnell.  This blog will recount some of our adventures, struggles, joys, lessons learned and everything in between and beyond during our time in London, England! Hope you enjoy!

So far we have been in London for 3 full days. I must say, I have never been so stressed in my life! Here’s the situation: We need – a new sim card and plan for our phones, a bank account, and a place to live. Now I realize I listed only three things BUT they are 3 of the biggest things I have ever had to do. Preferably we would like to have a place to live in by Monday or Tuesday (fingers crossed). So far we have our phones checked off that list, we have a meeting for our bank accounts next week, as well as a potential place to live. Things are looking positive for now!

Currently we are staying at a Bed and Breakfast. It is really quite lovely for the time being. The owner is a jolly man who was kind enough to upgrade us (for no charge!) to a bigger room after seeing ALL our luggage. I am currently residing on my bunk bed in our sweet little room while Kim and Kelsey are out enjoying some of the nightlife of London.

Now to a quick language lesson brought to you by the wonderful people of the UK. Growing up I only ever knew one meaning for the word pants. To me it was the clothing we use to cover our legs and underwear. HOWEVER…I have now learned that you do not call them pants here you call them trousers and pants are the term used to refer to a person’s underwear! Good thing I learned that before telling someone they were wearing an awesome pair of pants.

Anyways, it is currently 11:40 pm here and I value my sleep very much so will post again soon! Thank you for reading!

P.S. If you are wondering about my title – this city has so far been covered in clouds and alive with traffic.